About me…

Serife Gunaydın Karakose was born in Adana, Turkiye on October 25th 1980. Her parents were both teachers. She read books enthusiastically and developed an interest for writing.
After graduating from The Law Faculty of Ankara University, she started her law career in 2004.
Her turkish books are;Ozel Hayatın Gizliligi (RIGHT TO PRIVACY), and Eskici (COBBLER).
When her daughter was born, she took a step into the world of children stories and her way of storytelling transformed into these tales. THE MIRACLE BABY RAVEN,tHE DESPERATE HEART OF JEFFERSON AND ONOSKELIS are her children books and published in USA via Amazon and Createspace.
Her last published book is a short novel called “THE SHADOW HOUSE” and can be found at Amazon and Createspace stores.

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